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Email Bankruptcy - Is your business in danger?EMAIL is now the most commonly used business communication tool. Over 60% of business communication takes place via email. Yet many organisations suffer from email bankruptcy!!

WallCann is a successful Australian company that has built a great global reputation for developing highly productive business application tools. For best practice email
training WallCann Academy uses material and seminars developed by
Jani Murphy of Email Smart.

The latest survey results indicate most organisations are missing out on the productivity boost that new technologies offer. WallCann discovered that many email users are self taught not using the best practice approach. Compounding the danger to Australian economy, organisations are unable to source practical high quality email training and are risking email bankruptcy.

WallCann Academy is providing ecommerce productivity training and ebooks, plus we undertake follow up that ensures a change in work practices. Just look at the many testimonials.

Download your FREE introductory WallCann Academy Ebook and in just a few minutes you can take the first steps to improve your communications productivity.

The WallCann Academy provides practical and easy to apply communication and ecommerce training, for immediate productivity benefits to your business. The programs are written by professionally qualified commercially experienced trainers.

The course material is so effective we can guarantee results for
your organisation or your money back.


Your staff gains:

Your Organisation gains: Clean, Green, Silent, Power.


Email Bankruptcy Checklist - what does it mean?

Email Bankruptcy defined. n. Choosing to delete, archive, or ignore a very large number of email messages without ever reading them, replying to each with a unique response, or otherwise acting individually on them.

Email bankruptcy is an emerging trend and is the act of declaring your 'inbox' bankrupt and starting over. That is, all emails received up to the point of 'email bankruptcy' being declared void - poof, they no longer exist.

Do you qualify as a candidate for email bankruptcy? The WallCann Academy Survey results are an insight into what can be referred to as a checklist of the symptoms leading to email bankruptcy. If these symptoms are common in your organisation, then the remedy is fast and effective. Enrol in the WallCann Academy seminars and dramatically improve your organisations productivity and get your communications under control.

WallCann Academy Money back guarantee:

We are so sure of the quality and effectiveness of our training that if you are not completely satisfied that you have received value for money from us we will fully refund your fees.
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